+ I'm Glad Someone Read to Me.  My contribution to a surprisingly touching Twitter hashtag. - 11/12/13

+ Getting to Know Garrett Vander Leun.  A great interview for the 'Calculated Craft' column on the website 'Musical Mathematics,' as conducted by Dean Smithers. - 11/14/12

+ The walls of MONSTER TOWN are open!  The official page for my middle grade novel, Monster Town, is up and running!  Follow the link for more information - additional content will be added in the coming weeks including some prints through the art store. - 4/30/12

+ "ISSUES on Crackle - Exclusive Interview," video interview at Comic Con with the folks at Tubefilter.

+ "ISSUES goes live!" Check out all six episodes on Crackle.com!  I also make a brief acting appearance as one of Mrs. Schwartz's henchman in the K9 episode.

+ "Patricia Heaton, Ben Stiller turn to the Web with new series" The first public mention of the webseries ISSUES, the live action/animated show I provided storyboards and character designs for.  5/25/11

+ "Langhorne Slim and The Law - LEGGY LADY" The shirt design I did for this awesome band just went live!  3/17/11.

+ "Tera Melos (Is Good for What Ails You)," Nathan Latona's interview with Janna on Guerilla Geek, with a nice shoutout about yours truly. - 12/6/10

+ "Crazy Garrett," Minimail interview with Monobrow (Jan Wicher Emmens). - 3/30/09
 (might want to go to 'Google Translate' for this one)

+ "Garrett Vander Leun: My Head Would Be Excellent On A Giant Gorilla Body," ANS-Online   interview with Timo Pisart. - 1/5/09  (also in Dutch, with some hilarious translations via 'Google Translate')